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Our expertise at the service of Industry. More than 30 years of experience in underwater technology.

Specialized in the field of underwater optics.

Applications on various fields, as Scientific or military.

We are able to manage large-scale projects and to manufacture mass production housings as well as mechanical systems and necessary accessories according to your specifications.


Don't hesitate to contact us for your projects, any depth housings, multi cameras systems, data acquisition and so on.

Our research unit is able to design, draw and to manufacture any kind of housing equiped with underwater lenses and associated systems.

It is usually more complicated to adapt classical method to the underwater world, so several factors have to be taken seriously into account.


Underwater technique and particularly underwater shooting are fully-fledged specialties.

Underwater housing for industrial High definition camera, custom made turntable. Marine Aluminium machined.

Underwater optics : Dome port calculated on the camera and lens specifications. Operating pressure 15 Bars (150 meters, 500 feet).

industrial underwater housing
Deep Underwater Housing

Subspace Pictures released a series of  Deep Underwater housing for industrial High definition camera.

Machined Titanium to reach high pressure and buoyancy goals.

Underwater optics : Optical Glass Dome port calculated on the camera and lens specifications.


Operating pressure up to 600 [Bar] / 6'000 meters / 20'000 feet.

Test pressure : 700 Bar

Physical properties of underwater environment have a huge impact on optical parameters. As refractive index of water is different from the one of air, we are forced to adapt to a change of direction of the sunbeam. Depending on the needs we have to use a flat port or a dome port, and sometimes with additional optics. We are able to suggest the lens and the type of underwater optic depending on your project.

The composition of materials should not be neglected, as well as the pairs of materials, owing to the fact that water is corrosive.

Industrial underwater camera deep housing

Marine aluminium machined housing custom made for photogrammetry applications. Plexiglas® dome port for this protoype.

Rated 1'500 meters - 5'000 feet.

High speed industrial video housing

All seals should be placed in an appropriate way during the design of the systems.

All connectors and electrical wiring or fiber optic should be waterproof and adapted to the use of the equipment.

We have developped several types of housings for all kinds of cameras (amator, industrial, cinema, 3D housing, 360 underwater video or VR. All those come with mounts, connectors and all accessories to use them.

Our technical knowledge in Mechanics, Electronics, Software ... allow us to develop any kind of product or tools.

We developed a custom LED systems for a specific use, powered with 230 Volts AC in entrance.

4 LED for a total of 60'000 lumens.

Subspace Pictures Deep LED light

Marine aluminium machined housing custom made for photogrammetry applications.

Optical glass dome port for a perfect image quality.

LED lights.

Subspace Pictures ORUS photogrammetry housing
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