2011, Pascal Courtin joins SUBSPACE Pictures.

Swiss Mechanical engineer, born in 1976, scuba diver since 1999.

In the 2000 he built dive lights and was already involved in scuba diving equipment development.

20 years experience in underwater products development.

After more than 10 years working in Research & Development in several companies, Pascal's got the skills to continue Jean Claude's innovative work, continue SUBSPACE PICTURES adventure.

Made by professionals for professionals.

Our goal is to create, develop, design, manufacture and sale high quality, made in Switzerland underwater products, custom products, born from user needs. We are able to build custom products as well as deliver standard products.

Welcome on our website, enjoy surfing with us.


Jean-Claude Protta, today retired, founder of SUBSPACE Pictures, is a Swiss engineer born in Geneva in 1942. He's a scuba diver since 1958, when he build his first underwater housing for an old still camera Kodak® 620. Since then, he never stopped designing, and modify underwater housings, strobes and lights for photography, movie and more recently for the video.

During more than 20 years, Jean Claude Protta has been involved in the most innovative projects.

Subspace Pictures, 30 years of Underwater History


Industrial LED Lights

230 VAC powered

60'000 lumens


Red Underwater Housing


Abyss RIG lighting kit


Multi camera housing.

Flex 4k, Sony F65, Arri cameras, Red cameras

With remote control of Focus, Zoom and Iris


7'000 Lumens LED light are ready to dive


Mark 2600 Pro housings

Deep 3D Red Epic housing, 3000 feet

From 2005 to 2009

Underwater Housings for HD cameras, a remote and a lot more for Disney nature's movie Oceans


Mark 2000 Pro and VIDEOLIGHT PRO lights are on the market


Prototype received the Gold fin, at the 23rd "Festival de l'Image Sous Marine d'Antibes (France)


Upgrade of the Abyss RIG to Gopro Hero 6 cameras


Underwater housing upgrade to Gopro Hero 5,6 and 7 


Serie of underwater housings dedicated for high speed cameras

For Military applications

Qualified underwater optics


A new housing for 360° Video is born

Dome port specially designed for Gopro, to give the best optical results possible


Gopro Hero 3 Underwater Housing, compact version with a small dome port

This dome port was combined to a custom lens to create a perfect underwater optics


Red Epic 3D underwater housing.

A 3D housing with a flat port.

Synchronizing two Red cameras.


Professional HD Underwater

housing and the 4" monitor are born


Mini DV Underwater housing is born


Mark II Underwater housing is approved by the French Navy


Deep Titanium Housing 6'000 meters

20'000 feet Release


F55 Underwater Housing


Gopro Hero 3 Underwater Housing

After the release of this perfect underwater optics for Gopro 360°, we decided to produce this "single Gopro" housing

The best underwater quality image results, never beaten


24'000 lumens LED pro lights are on the market


Deep 3D Red Epic housing

Rated 1'000 meters - 3'000 feet

Two Red scarlet cameras synchronized behind a Plexiglas® flat port


Pascal joins Subspace Pictures


New Mark I Underwater housing adapted Tri-CCD cameras


Subeye reflex is on the market worldwide


Mark I Underwater Housing is on the market

Subspace Pictures

Subspace Pictures - Underwater video housing - Made in Switzerland