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MK2700 "Cinematography" multi-camera UW housing

After 30 years of innovation in underwater photography, Subspace pictures is proud to announce the most versatile underwater housing never made.

The Mk2700 cinematography is an answer to all the underwater filming needs.


Actual most popular cameras fit in this new underwater housing as well as most of the lenses.


Build your own camera / lens combination to obtain the image you dream of.

Alexa 35, Red Raptor, Alexa Mini, Sony Venice, Zeiss, Angenieux, Cooke, Canon, Sony, Nikon...


Adjust yourself this combination in the Mk2700 and you are ready to get wet.

You can choose to control your lens with motor control or mechanical control.


All options available :

  • Dome port

  • Flat port

  • SDI, Ethernet, Lens control, any kind of Cables with plug and socket

  • Camera controls

  • Seal check…

We are also quite good to build custom options, on demand...

Video UW housing for Sony® Alpha 7 III, RIII and RIV.

Subspace Pictures presents Sony® A7 Series evolutive housings. More details


Underwater Housing Sony A7, Caisson vidéo
Our planet EMMY® AWARDS

Subspace Picture is proud to be part of this wonderful project, congratulations to all the team.

Subspace Pictures Awards
GOMBESSA IV Expeditions

Congratulations to Gombassa expeditions for this great movie 700 sharks into the dark !

We are proud to be part of this innovative projects


Director : Luc Marescot

Producer : le 5ème rêve

UTP Saison 4

Great team, great projects, continue to make us dream

Subspace Underwater video housing, caisson vidéo

Copyright images Franck Gazzola / Under The Pole

QUAD productions shootings

QUAD Commercials shootings,

all around the world

Subspace Abyss RIG

Subspace Abyss RIG allows you to shoot 360 video underwater.

So far the best underwater 360 video quality on the market.

Our Custom glass domes allows to keep a large FOV with no distortion, there is enough overlap to stitch your 6 videos together easily.

Available for Hero 4, Hero 5 Hero 6 cameras.

f you are a happy owner of the Kolor Abyss RIG, we can also provide an upgrade kit. Don't hesitate to contact us.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more info

360 video underwater
Kolor Abyss RIG

New release :

LED set to use with the Abyss RIG.

This 7 LED set provides 360° light up to 70'000 lumens.

Kolor Abyss RIG light
Miele® Shooting
TITANIUM DEEP HOUSING rated 6'000 meters
Deep Underwater Housing, Caisson vidéo profond

Subspace Pictures released a series of Titanium Deep Underwater housing for industrial High definition camera equipped with an Optical Glass Dome port.


Operating pressure up to :

600 Bar / 6'000 meters / 20'000 feet.

Test pressure : 700 Bar

Thanks to :


Good job Denis, BBC new series, Blue Planet II underwater shooting in French Polynesia. Denis Lagrange with his Red Epic Underwater Housing.

Read more on BBC website.

Mark 2400 Housing / Canon C200
Underwater Housing Canon, Subspace

First delivery of Canon EOS C200 Underwater Housing.  Record an internal 4K RAW.

Thanks to Jean Charles Granjon (Bluearth Prod) to trust our products to go filming on remote locations

Caisson video Canon C200
Under the Wave

Tag Heuer commercial "Under the wave"

Director : 

Under the pole III

Congratulations to the team under The Pole, who did a campaing of scientific dives with the Subspace pictures Red underwater housing.

Underwater housing Sony Red Canon

Thanks to Yanick Gentil (Exploraction productions) who sent us this image of his Subspace Pictures housing for his Sony F55 camera.

Underwater housing Sony F55, caison vidéo sous marin
Yanick Gentil

"Filming in Antarctica for the movie “Antarctica” and “March of the penguins II” from October to January 2016. The water temperature was -1.7 C, we reached a maximum depth of 100 meters, diving maximum time was 4 hours and 30 minutes. Underwater images were done with my Subspace F55 underwater housing, Subspace specially designed this housing on my demand to make it easy to control with dry gloves. In this kind of expedition, we need robust housings, easy to maintain and easy to fix in case of trouble.

Subspace provides reliable and robust housings, ideal for extreme expeditions ... "


Happy birthday to Elodie ! Congratulations for your multiple award winning movie "Tales of the Sand" in 2015 using your Subspace Pictures UW housing.  

Sony Underwater housing

"Subspace, my first housing… my first love! And I have been faithful to it for more than 10 years! My cameras changed, so did technologies and Subspace always followed. Custom made, sturdy, stylish, performing, what more should I be looking for? An emergency at the other end of world? No worries since Pascal, as Jean-Claude before him, is just like his housings: you can always count on him!"


Director : Gil Kebaili
Writers : Laurent Ballesta et Gil Kebaili
Producers : ARTE France, Les films d’Ici, Andromède Océanologie 



Subspace Pictures underwater lightings and housings
Producer : Starloo
Director : Jeremy Charbit
Agency : Quai des Orfèvres
Operations director : Denis Lagrange

Phantom camera Underwater Housing, caisson vidéo sous marin

Director :  Gil Kebaili
Writers :  Gil Kebaili, Laurent Ballesta
Producers : ARTE France, Les Films d’Ici, Andromède Océanologie, CNRS Images


Producers : ARTE France, Grand Angle Productions, GAD, Dassault Systèmes, Ethic Prod, Alhoa Production
Director : Pascal Guérin and Herlé Jouon
Operations director : Denis Lagrange
Distributor : Arte France

Red 3D Underwater housing

3D underwater housing equipped with two RED cameras sychronized. 3D Mirror RIG. Remote from a Submarine.

3D Deep Underwater Housing RED camera

Deep 3D underwater housing, two RED scarlet cameras, side by side, sychronized.

Rated 1'000 meters 3'000 feet

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