Thanks to its underwater optics expertise, mechanical and electronic knowledge, Subspace Pictures can provide complex system according to your requirement, contact us to explain your needs.


Below a series of development already performed according to the requests of scientific, industrial projects.

Bathops Scientific UW housing rated 2'000 meters

Custom made scientific tool.

Automated recording sequences.

Two LED 1'000 lumens lights with programmable dimmer.

Rated 2'000 meters, 6'000 feet.

Glass dome port.

Marine Aluminium machined parts.

Sony® PXW camera.

Andromede Oceanologie Photogrammetry Housings

We have the capability of 3D design, following your management plan.

Our machining partners have a huge variety of tools.

Milling, turning, waterjet cutting and more...

We can build everything you dream of.

Custom made electronics container for Scuba Diver handled  photogrammetry tools.

Rated 300 meters, 1'000 feet.

Marine Aluminium machined parts.

Don't hesitate to contact us to talk about your needs, your projects.

Custom Subsea Video Housings

All kind of custom made housings, machined.

Marine aluminium, Titanium.

Glass dome port, flat port.

Plexiglas® Dome port, flat port...

Photogrammetry ORUS 3D

Machined Aluminium or Titanium housings for photogrammetry applications. When you need a good image quality to post produce your images, you can rely on Subspace Pictures underwater optics.

We can machine all kind of housings in any materials and provide the underwater optics in accordance to your needs and your budget.

Contact us to talk about your project

Video Housing and Tripod

Machined Aluminium housing for particles detection applications

Aluminium Tripod and led lights

Glass Dome Ports / Plexiglas® Ports

We have a large choice of glass domes, flat ports, event half hemispherical domes, and we can design any port you need depending on your lens.

We saw tests on the web, saying that a lens combined to a dome port doesn't give good results underwater ! This is wrong.

A good lens on land is as good underwater if combined with the right port.​

You have to use the right dome port with the right radius at the right position !

We have an expertise in Plexiglas® dome and flat ports, and we can design any port you need depending on your lens.

Subspace Pictures

Subspace Pictures - Underwater video housing - Made in Switzerland